ABI Electrical Services is a team you can trust for all kinds of rewires, from a small home to a large industrial building. Our electricians are all Part P Registered so we are competent at working in any space. Whatever the specific needs, we will ensure your electrics are safe and efficient.

Do I need to rewire?

Electric testing for rewiresPeople rarely think about the condition of the wiring in their properties. However wires will suffer from wear and tear and can become a hazard. If your property is 25 old or more, it is possible you may need a rewire. This will provide two important benefits. Firstly it will ensure the electrics are safe and efficient. Secondly the upgrade will meet current standards.

If a refurbishment constitutes a material alteration in the property you may need a new consumer unit (fuse box) as well as full or partial rewires. You need to check Part 2 of The Building Regulations 2010 to see if your project will require this kind of electrical work.

An extension or conversion, regardless of the size, is considered new work. As a result it must comply with Part P: Electrical Safety guidelines in full. Existing wiring in the property may need an upgrade to current standards so it can safely handle the new load. This will ensure the electrics are safe, meeting the cross bonding and earthing requirements.

If you are planning to buy a property it is crucial that you inspect the wiring, consumer unit, electric metre, and any exposed wires. It is also wise to look at sockets and switches to see if they are up to date. If anything looks out of date, a rewire may be necessary.

Top signs you need a rewire:

  • New work
  • Refurbishments constituting a material alteration
  • A fuse box/consumer unit that is out of date
  • If switches and sockets are from different periods
  • Surface-mounted wiring
  • Non-PVCu-insulated wiring
  • Out of date sockets and switches

High quality rewires

If you think you need rewiring you should contact a qualified electrician. They can provide an inspection and survey to determine exactly what kind of service you need. This is something we are happy to provide at ABI Electrical Services. We will advise you on the best course of action and can then carry out any kinds of rewires.

To find out more about our services, please get in touch with our team.