Fuse Board Upgrades

The fuse board is one of the most important parts of the electrical system in a property. It divides the current into different circuits and has residual current devices (RCDs) or fuses to protect them. Periodically it is wise to get fuse board upgrades so that they meet the current standards. ABI Electrical Services can offer this, catering for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

When do you need to get fuse board upgrades?

Fuse board upgradesLots of people don’t realise that they need to upgrade their fuse board. Many homes in the UK still have an old style box rather than a modern consumer unit. The out of date fuse box can be unsafe and is unlikely to comply with newer standards. If the property is 25 years old or more, an upgrade may be necessary.

You may also need an upgrade if you do any substantial alterations to the property. For example if you install a new shower or convert the loft you may want to upgrade the fuse board as well.

Benefits of upgrades

Upgrading the fuse board can offer many different benefits. Firstly, and most importantly, it will increase safety. Modern consumer boxes are far more reliable and will help to keep inhabitants safe. In addition the new box will meet the current regulations, the 18th Edition. It is even more important that the electrics meet this standard and all others if it is a commercial or industrial building or a home you are leasing.

The right service

If you are unsure about whether your fuse board is out of date, you can ask our team for help. We will send a fully qualified local electrician to your property to have a look. They will conduct a full inspection and then offer advice. The recommendation may be to upgrade.


In some cases your current consumer unit may need repairs rather than a full replacement. Our electricians have the skills and experience to do various repair jobs, including replacing RCDs. The high quality of our service will ensure that the electrics are safe.

If you need any more advice about fuse board upgrades or want to arrange a professional service, please get in touch with us.