EV Charging Installs

Here at ABI Electrical Services we undertake every part of EV charging installs, guiding projects from initial consultancy through completion and also offer ongoing maintenance. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Groundworks
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

We ensure that your project is bespoke to your requirements so it exceeds your expectations.

Home charging points

If you own an electrical vehicle it if crucial you have a charging point at home. There are two options here; a tethered or a socketed unit.

If you choose a tethered unit the charger will come with a cable attached to it.

A socketed unit is a little more flexible because it will have a universal socket that is compatible with various cables. However you will need to provide these cables, ensuring they are compatible with your vehicle.

Even if you opt for a tethered unit with a cable we recommend that you also get a separate charging cable. This way you have it for use at other charge points.


Many people worry about the cost of installing a charge point at their home. However, they may be eligible for a £500 OLEV grant towards the installation

  • The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) Grant can give people £500 off the cost of purchasing as well as installing a home charging point.
  • The funding is available for most electric cars as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • The Grant allows you to can claim one charge point per eligible vehicle.
  • Households can have up to two eligible vehicles.
  • In addition, drivers in Scotland can get an extra grant up to £300 from the Energy Savings Trust Scotland.

Commercial or industrial EV charging installs

With more people using electric and hybrid vehicles, businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure their employees can charge them. ABI Electrical Services can install EV charging points in various locations so we are a team to rely on.

If you are thinking about EV charging installs, rely on us. We offer first rate services from start to finish. Simply get in touch today to discuss your needs.